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I Shall Not Be Overcome

In case you were wondering why I haven’t been blogging lately (thanks for the concern, I’m fine, by the way), it is because I am in the midst of an epic battle. A futile combat that could put Lou Kang and Johnny Cage to shame. A fierce melee that’s bigger than the World Cup, World Series and World War II combined.

The enemy?


Yes, I said it, a video game. A baseball video game.

No, I’m not a dork, geek, or a loser (although some may disagree). I am simply a baseball addict jonesing for a fix amidst the boredom and frustration that is the MLB off-season.

Undoubtedly, I would be much more interested if I was on the inside. Instead, I am on the outside looking in. Better yet, I am in the nose bleeds of left field and a fat guy with personal hygiene issues just sat down in front of me with a six pack of hot dogs (oh, how I can’t wait for them to digest!).

Point is, I’m bored.

For Christmas, my father gave me this video game which was once a curiosity (I’m normally a 2K kinda guy), and has now become the bain of my existence. To anyone who owns this game: HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT?!?!?

I have played this game day and night, dawn ’til dusk since Christmas morning. I have delved into the “Road To The Show” mode which lets you take control of a player and lead him from the minors up through to “The Show.”

Problem is, you start out as, well, as the french might say “le sucktastic.” A .250 average is awesome considering your skills and homeruns are completely out of the question. I began the 2008 season as an 18 year old third baseman in the Phillies organization and after completing the 2010 season, I still suck and I’m still in the minors.

65 gaming hours have been spent and I haven’t enjoyed one second. I play video games for fun, not a challenge. I have plenty of real life challenges, I want my video games to be easy and egotistically rewarding. This one is neither and I’m beginning to lose my hair.

I will not quit! I will not be defeated! I shall not be overcome!


Another Day At The Ballpark

Well, it looks like it’s shaping up to be another day at the ballpark in Major League Baseball this off-season. For some reason, football is boring to me this year, so all I have is the hope of winter transactions to keep me going until Christmas.

Here’s what I’ve gathered so far:

1. Surprise, surprise, the Yankees are after another big-time free agent.

What’s that? They’re not just trying to sign CC Sabathia? You mean they might make offers to A.J. Burnett and Derek Lowe too? And they’re looking to trade for Jake Peavy?

Umm… WHAT?!?

Ok. This is getting ridiculous. I know how much Jane loves her Yankees and who can blame her? But do you all understand that Hank and Cash are destroying the game? They’re going to keep driving up the price on players until the collective salary of their AAA team is higher than the Royals’.
Would it make Hank feel better if the Yankees were the ONLY team in the league and they win the world series every year by default. Sometimes I think that’s what they’re going for. The will to win is respectable and the Yankees certainly have that, but this is getting out of control. I wonder is Abner Doubleday (right) is rolling over in his grave yet.

2. Bud Selig has determined that he is going to be “cautious” about extending instant replay in the future. As of right now, replay can only be used on homruns to determine whether the ball was over the fence or not, fair or foul and if there was fan interference.

I’m a baseball purist just like you, Bud, and I’m glad replay was accepted, it was just time. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. Baseball officials have determined that there were plays in the world series that warrant further use of replay; Rocco Baldelli falsely being awarded first base even though he was not hit by a pitch, and Jimmy Rollins being called safe although he was clearly tagged on the derier.

Since it’s inception in late August, instant replay has been used 16 times. So instant replay, which was supposed to be a huge time waster, added a grand total of about 45 minutes to the 2008 season. Big deal. Get the calls right.

3. It’s almost Thanksgiving and for some reason, football (even the Steelers), is boring me to tears. ‘m holding on to the possibility of some early winter transactions to keep be going and so far… Not much.

What gives?

Aside from some awards, a few big offers, the Matt Holliday trade and a whole lot of rumors, absolutely nothing has happened, yet. So here’s my plan to get the ball rolling:

manny3.jpgManny, you’re gonna pick a team, I don’t care who. (preferably Philadelphia) But no matter who, I’m not gonna be mad. Just pick one. The rest of baseball is waiting to see what happens with you before they make their moves, so keep it moving.

The Yankees have until Friday to pick ONE free agent, and one free agent only. Whoever that may be gets ALL THE MONEY! But enough of this offering contracts to everyone available just to keep other teams away. Quit hogging all the potato chips!

Clearly I’m bored. Clearly I’m frustrated so please, someone, give me something to write about before I have a hissy fit over here!

~ SL

In other news: The Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the San Diego Padres 11-10 yesterday in a wild finish… Oh wait, correction, that was the Pittsburgh STEELERS who defeated the San Diego CHARGERS 11-10… My bad.