Grey’s Anatomy

I’m an avid follower of the three big medical dramas on TV. ER, House and Grey’s Anatomy.Earlier this evening on the latter of the three, an interesting concept arose about the “grey” areas of life. Fitting for the show to have a subject line that connects to the title, it also fits well into our every day lives.


Growing up, we are all familiarized with the essential ‘black and white’ concepts; right or wrong, true or false, good touch/bad touch, and fair or foul. As we grow older, however, we begin to realize that not everything is as transparent. This is a part of life and a part of growing up that everyone goes through at different rates. To me, though, I find that far too much emphasis is placed on the ‘what’ in this world and not enough is placed on the ‘why.’ 

“WHY” is the greatest question mankind has the difficult opportunity to answer. In most cases, the question of ‘why’ simply cannot be answered, but is still the only question worth tackling.

Our world is based heavily on black and white and we have become a society that depends on the answer being decided for us. Baseball, for instance, is a system that clearly defines the black and white concepts such as fair/foul and out/safe, but also provides some of the gray areas such as the moving strike zone. No two strike zones are the same, even though they are supposed to be. Some umpires call ’em low, some call ’em high. Take also, for example, the different strategies of base running. A lone runner on second can advance at his own will and has to make a judgment of whether or not to stay at third on a base hit or try to beat the throw home. It’s a grey area.


In baseball, as in life, there is no escaping the grey. A batter can’t demand a different umpire for a different strike zone, just like we can’t demand a different system to suit our needs. A good hitter has to adapt to the umpire they are given and use that knowledge to their advantage.

My advice to you all is to try and become comfortable with the grey’s on our lives. Clinging to the black and white is a safe bet, but we really don’t learn anything about ourselves or each other. If we all learn to accept the grey areas, maybe we can find some peace.

Why not?



  1. juliasrants

    Scott, I think gray is so hard because it is so subjective; our society demands that we know the answer. No credit is given to the process. And you’re comment on “why” – what’s the first question that a child learns to ask over and over again? WHY? Interesting.


    • thegoodofthegame

      You hit the nail on the head, Jules.
      We learn to ask why as a child but it gets lost somewhere along the line. I think this world needs to be a little more subjective sometimes and quit worrying about the end-result in such an absolute way. Are you familiar with ‘Machiavellianism’? Machiavelli coined the phrase “the ends justify the means” in his book ‘The Prince,’ but that’s only the beginning.
      Have we become such an absolute world that the concept of ‘why’ has become completely irrelevant? For me, getting credit for the answer means nothing. I struggle with that in college now because I am so reluctant to conform to a system that provides no incentive. The university tells me I need to act a certain way if I want to succeed, but I don’t think it’s that black and white. Success is a relative term – a ‘grey’ term, if you will – and I intend to find it in my own way regardless of what society demands.

  2. Jane Heller

    Just to get this out of the way….I loved “Grey’s Anatomy” the first two seasons but haven’t followed it lately. Wasn’t wild about the Izzy-George storyline. Now, onto the importance of “grey”…I think the need to conform and have answers can drive us crazy if we let it. The best we can all do is follow our gut and do what feels right to us, as long as it doesn’t hurt others. So it sounds like you’re on the right track – finding success on your terms. This is a particularly confusing time. Everyone feels on shaky ground. I certainly do.

    • thegoodofthegame

      SIDE NOTE: I agree that the Izzy-George storyline was stupid and thankfully it was short-lived. Izzy is now with Carev again and is being followed around by the ghost of Denny Duquette. The show is too ridiculous for me to like anymore, but there’s nothing else on Thursdays to watch until ‘Lost’ come back on. ‘House,’ on the other hand, is a great show.
      Good hearing from you again.

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Love this post. Couldn’t agree more. Indeed it’s hard to adapt to a world that’s always changing around us and much easier to attempt to stick with what we know. There’s really no use in standing still though. I forget who said it but “You can’t steal second and keep your foot on first.”
    V –

    • thegoodofthegame

      Not bad for a 17-year-old vegetarian from Brooklyn. I’m truly impressed.
      That quote is by Frederick Wilcox and its meaning is better explained in it’s first half: “Progress always involves risk.”
      I also like this quote by Woody Allen: “When we played softball, I’d seal second base, feel guilty and go back.”

  4. Elizabeth D

    This is brilliant, as are your other posts. I love Grey’s Anatomy as well! Isn’t it great? I haven’t been keeping up with this season though. This whole question of why is so philosophical– I want to take philosophy my senior year, it’s so interesting. We’ve got to get lost so we can find ourselves sometimes right?

    • thegoodofthegame

      Elizabeth – I like to consider myself a bit of a philosopher, but I’m no Socrates. I love philosophy. I can’t think of a better way to spend my life then by trying to solve the questions that most of us are too busy to think about. Once I’m done with my bachelors, I intend to get my masters and eventually my PhD in philosophy.
      I certainly encourage you to have a taste of philosophy. You may not feel about it the way I do, but the concepts you learn do make you think, and thinking is always good. If nothing else, it gives you a sense of humility.

  5. rosehof14

    Good post, I have a lot of trouble with the greys as I never truly know what I should feel guilty about. When I take personality tests they tell me I’m judgmental and a downfall of that is that in the end I will push the grey to the black or white. THEN feel guilty about it if I push my decision to the black afterward. Causing me to do a lot of clean up that I probably didn’t really need to do.


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